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Charlie Matheson

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Charlotte "Charlie" Matheson
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Tracy Spiridakos, Morgan Hinkleman, Jade Petty John

"We can't hunt, not like she can."
Aaron Pittman

Charlotte "Charlie" Matheson is the daughter of Ben and Rachel Matheson, the sister of Danny and the niece of Miles Matheson.


Early life

When Charlie was young she was watching TV when the power went out. A week later when her family was leaving the city, she was held by a man who threatened to hurt her if her mother did not give over their food. She moved with her family to a village near Chicago and lived there for 15 years. She would go out with her brother to find various pieces from before the blackout when Danny was exposed to a large amount of dust and due to his asthma had to be taken back home and treated. (Pilot, Chained Heat)

Search for Danny

Charlie is attacked

When the militia arrived and killed her father she went with Maggie and Aaron to Chicago to find Miles. On the way there she ran into Nate Walker and later they were attacked by a group of bandits where Charlie was almost raped but was saved by Nate. Later she and the others arrived in Chicago and located Miles, but he refused to go with them to rescue Danny. She convinced the others to stay behind and then protect Miles from the militia soldiers. When one of the militia attacked her she was again saved by Nate. (Pilot)

Charlie and Nora make bombs

She went with Miles and the others to Pontiac to locate a woman called Nora but when she and the others were almost hurt, he decided to locate Nora on his own, so Charlie followed him. On the way she heard someone following her and set a trap, pretending to injure herself and discovered that Nate had been following her. She handcuffed him to a pole and left him there, eventually catching up to Miles and they saw a group of Militia prisoners. When Miles freed Nora, Charlie volunteered to be the one to shoot the Warden, using an improvised weapon that Nora built. She pretended to be a lost hunter and was brought before the Warden, shooting and killing him, she tried to gain the Warden's rifle but was tackled by one of the militia. She fought with him and gained the upper hand, using the rifle to shoot him dead. After this she regretted having to kill the two men. (Chained Heat)

Charlie went with Miles and Nora to the rebel base at the Lone Pine Mall. There she was called over to help a man who was bleeding out, only for him to die in front of her. She wanted to help the injured rebels despite Miles' warnings that the Militia could arrive at any minute. When the Militia did attack, Charlie helped Nora build bombs and rig them to the doors. When the militia did storm the base, Charlie picked up a piece of pipe and helped fight them off. After Miles gave himself up to save the others, Charlie and Nora went ahead and rigged more explosives to a bridge to help free him from militia capture. Charlie dropped an explosive package on the bridge and then fired a flaming arrow at it, destroying part of the bridge and cutting the militia off from them. (No Quarter)

Charlie tries to rescue Danny

Continuing on their way they came across a Militia way station and Charlie snuck in and stole some supplies, deliberately gaining the attention of the guard, who chased her into the woods. Miles got the guard to tell him where Neville was and the group continued. Charlie asked Miles about the fear she saw in the guard when he heard Miles' name but Miles refused to tell her anything. They reunited with Maggie and Aaron in Lowell, Indiana and were heading through the city when they were chased by some dogs. The group entered an abandoned amusement park and Maggie was injured by a man. Charlie was going to help Aaron sew up Maggie's artery but she was taken by the man who tied a crossbow trigger to a door handle and positioned Charlie in front of it. She managed to swing out of the way as Miles and Nate came in looking for her. She went back to help Maggie but it was too late and Maggie died. (The Plague Dogs)

Charlie works for Drexel

Charlie and the group came to Noblesville, Indiana where they discovered that the Militia had repaired a steam train in order to quickly move Danny to Philadelphia. Charlie, Miles and Nora head out to perform reconnaissance on the Militia and locate Danny. Charlie is questioned by Neville when she appears to be checking out a store, however she tells him that she is watching her boyfriend in the reflection. Afterwards she decides to follow Captain Neville and was caught so Miles was forced to fight with Neville, until more Militia came. When Neville steps up moving Danny, Charlie and Miles commandeer horses and give chase to the train. Charlie locates Danny, who notices his sister peering through the window, and he attacks Neville, giving Charlie time to break into the train. Charlie fights with Neville but is knocked down and captured by Nate, who violates orders and throws her off the train. (Soul Train)

With Nora's wound becoming infected, Charlie and the group stole a Militia wagon and headed to see Drexel, an old acquaintance of Miles. When they arrived, Drexel pointed a gun at Miles' head and threatened to kill him, however the gun was not loaded and Drexel was only joking. Charlie took a bath at Drexel's Manor, slowing down enough to think over the past few weeks then violently tore up her postcard collection. As payment for helping Nora, Drexel had Charlie go undercover to kill Bill O'Halloran, an enemy of Drexel. Charlie got an audience with him by claiming to be one of Drexel's girls with information on him. She knocked him out and was about to kill him when Miles stepped in and stopped her. The two escaped the O'Halloran place and met up with Aaron and Nora on the road. (Sex and Drugs)

Charlie is branded

Noticing a Militia convoy, Miles stopped Charlie from helping free a young boy from the soldiers. They later came across the boy's brother, Michael, and Charlie decided to help free him. The group moved on, following the militia, discovering that Michael and some of the children were following them. Charlie went undercover on the militia training ship and took an opportunity to pick a fight with a big guy, getting herself knocked out. She knocked out the militia medic and attempted an escape but was caught by the commanding officer and branded with a militia mark. When Miles and Nora came aboard to free her, she helped rescue Peter and the other children. (The Children's Crusade)

Charlie disguised as a Militia soldier

The group makes contact with a rebel group near Philadelphia where Miles is beaten. He manages to convince them to help giving up information on Monroe so the rebels can kill him. Moving through old tunnels, the group are sealed when explosions caused a cave-in and begin to run low on air. Eventually they find an exit but Miles is captured by one of the rebels who is actually a militia spy. Miles is rescued by Charlie. Charlie and the others are captured and Charlis is threatened with death in order to get Rachel to finish the amplifier. She and Danny escape from their cell and make their way out of the facility, firing on some soldiers before being rescued by Miles. On the outside they stopped to hear a whirring sound and see one of Monroe's helicopters starting its flight. (Kashmir, Nobody's Fault But Mine)

Working with the Rebels

Charlie and the others escape from the helicopters. She and Nora disguise themselves as Militia soldiers in order to smuggle the others out of Philadelphia. They head for a Rebel base where the Rebel leaders want to stand down to save themselves but Charlie has an idea to use the rocket launchers that Rachel and Miles go looking for. Jason comes across Charlie outside the base and tells him that his father knows where they are and is headed back to order in a strike. Charlie doesn't want Danny to take part in the attack but he won't step down and is killed. Charlie tells her mother that there was nothing that they could have done to protect him. (The Stand)

Charlie works with the Rebels

Charlie begins to pull away from her mother and despite her not wanting Charlie to take part in an attack, she goes anyway. When Charlie comes back with some blood on her, she tells her mother that it is not hers but her mother later sees that she is injured and tries to help. Charlie pushes her away and tells her that she does not need her mother anymore. When Randall Flynn and some Militia arrive, Charlie hides with her mother and Aaron but her mother is found and captured. Charlie and Aaron manage to rescue her and they all escape. Charlie apologizes to her mother for the things that she said. (Ghosts)

Charlie disguised as a Georgian soldier

When a Militia convoy is attacked, the group finds Tom Neville crawling away from the wreckage and Charlie knocks him out with the butt of her crossbow. When another Rebel group arrive, Charlie notices Jason among them and wants to know what he is doing here. He later finds her mother having knocked out the guard holding Neville and planned to kill him but she won't let her, saying that once Miles has gotten all the intel out of him he can, she will be the one to kill him for her father and for Danny. When her mother tells her that she is going to be leaving to head for the Tower in Colorado and Charlie asks if she will ever see her again, but Rachel does not answer. (The Song Remains The Same)

Discovering that Monroe has sent a Nuclear bomb to destroy Atlanta, Charlie accompanies Miles and Nora into the Georgia Federation to stop it. Taking some dead Georgian soldiers clothes, they went undercover in Atlanta but Miles was arrested. Charlie and Nora looked for a way to rescue him and Charlie was found by Alec, the Militia soldier who brought the bomb into the city, who tells Charlie not to trust Miles and when he finds out that she is his niece, he tells her to find out what Miles did to her mother. Later she helps Miles track Alec down and stop him from detonating the bomb. Charlie asks him what Alec meant and Miles told her to get away from him. (The Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia)

Charlie takes over the boat

Miles later tries to ask Charlie how she's doing but she tells him that she is not talking to him unless he tells her what happened between him and her mother. When Miles disappears after a Militia messenger arrives, Charlie goes with Nora and Captain Dixon to track him down to his hometown of Jasper, Indiana; helping him rescue the townspeople. When Monroe holds Miles' former girlfriend Emma hostage and Captain Dixon shoots her to try to get to Monroe, Miles shoots him dead. Later Charlie reveals that if Dixon did not take the chance to kill Monroe she would have even if it meant killing Emma herself. (Home)

When Neville begins working for the Georgia Federation and with Miles, Charlie doesn't feel right about him being around. When she learns that Miles was in with the plan to hold one of Monroe's scientists families hostage to get him to work for them, she is shocked at his actions. Charlie wants to release him and his family and when a Militia search party comes across their boat, Charlie goes with Neville into a hiding space with the scientist. Neville holds a gun to him to make sure he remains silent and Charlie pulls a gun on Neville. Later she along with Nora and Jason free the man and locate his family. (The Love Boat)

Charlie prepares to leave

Charlie was with Jason when they spy Militia drones coming in for an attack on the Rebel base, they ring the warning bell but the building theu are in is hit and collapses and she becomes trapped under rubble. Over time she manages to dig her way out but is surrounded by Militia troops and has to remain where she is. Eventually she takes an opportunity and makes a run for it but is tackled by a Militia soldier only to be saved by Miles. When back in Atlanta Charlie finds Jason in a hospital bed and the two kiss. (The Longest Day)

The Tower

When helping evacuate Atlanta Charlie sees Jason talking to a strange man. Later she goes with a group to the Tower to head off Monroe from getting inside. Stopping at an abandoned military base to refuel their helicopter, the group is attacked and killed off one by one. When Jason is believed by Miles to be the killer, Charlie wants to know who that man he was talking to in Atlanta was, only to learn that Monroe had offered amnesty to Jason for killing Miles and other high ranking officials. The real killer is located and the group continues on to the Tower. (Clue)

Charlie watches Nora die

Charlie and the group create a diversion at the entrance of the Tower and she, Miles and Aaron make it inside. She shares a look with Jason who is trapped on the outside by Militia as the doors close. Going down to level 11 they find dead people and think they found Rachel but it is not her. Charlie and the others are attacked but are saved by Monroe who is with Rachel, Charlie tries to kill Monroe but Rachel stops him as they need him for the moment. They sneek through the Tower but are captured by the dwellers inside and discover that those inside are preventing the power from being turned back on. (Children of Men)

Rachel gets a keycard and Charlie goes with her to get the power back on. She goes with them but when Nora uses an explosive to kill some guards to get them through, she is badly injured and needs medical attention. Charlie wants her mother to give her the keycard so they can get into the infirmary and save Nora but her mother needs it to get into the control room to turn the power back on. Charlie is disgusted at her mother not wanting to save Nora and tries to save Nora herself. Miles finds her but Nora dies on the way and so they both head to find Rachel and Aaron as they turn the power on. (The Dark Tower)

Charlie protects innocents


Morality and Wisdom

Charlie fires crossbow
"And when Miles is done with him, I'll kill him myself, but not now."
— Charlie Matheson - The Song Remains The Same

Charlie is very headstrong and willing to help others even if she does not know them. She is trusting of others, even strangers, mostly due to her sheltered life and puts faith in their own abilities even if she has no prior dealings with these people. She values the life of others and is willing to help save people's lives when the need arises. She is very against using people by threatening them or their families and will risk her own life to protect others. (Pilot, Chained Heat, No Quarter, The Love Boat, Home)

Abilities and Skills

Charlie is very skilled with a crossbow, capable of hitting a specific target from a far distance. She is skilled in some hand-to-hand combat and is capable of entering a fight against trained militia and defeat them. She also is a skilled tracker and is capable of tracking both animals and people over large distances. (Pilot, Chained Heat, No Quarter)

Charlie and Jason