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Jim Hudson

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Jim Hudson
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"We are killers, Jim. That's all we are."
Miles Matheson - Ghosts

Jim Hudson is a former member of the Monroe Militia and an old friend of Miles Matheson.


Hudson worked alongside Miles in the upper echelon of the Monroe Militia and colluded with him in his attempt to assassinate Sebastian Monroe. When Miles was unable to kill Monroe and was forced to flee, Hudson did the same. He moved to the town of Culpepper, Virginia using the name Henry Bemis, he began working in the town library and even married a woman named Sophie. When Miles attempts to get him to help them, Hudson points a gun at him and tells him to leave. When Militia arrive in town to capture Miles, Hudson has fight them and reveals to Sophie who he really is after he kills the Militia Captain who comes for Sophie. She is upset that he has lied to her and leaves him; with nothing left Hudson agrees to help Miles fight Monroe. (Ghosts)

Hudson worked with the Rebels and fought in the Battle of Evansville. When Miles disappears in the night after talking with a captured Militia messenger. After finding out Miles left for Jasper, Indiana Hudson goes with Nora Clayton, Charlie Matheson and Captain Dixon to locate him and has to fight against Militia forces in the town. Some time later Hudson was in Annapolis, Maryland where the Militia tells him that they have his wife and if he wants her to live he will work for them. When it is discovered that Monroe is going to the Tower, the place which caused the power to go out, Hudson travels with Miles and the others. When they stop at an old military base in Burlington, Colorado Hudson secretly starts killing the group off. Miles discovers it is Hudson's doing and the two fight but Hudson is shot dead by Jason Neville. (Home, Clue)