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Miles Matheson

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Miles Matheson
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Billy Burke, Perry Cox, Casey Deidrick

"Commanding general of the Monroe Militia, damn founding father of the Republic, second only to Sebastian Monroe himself."
Jeremy Baker

Miles Matheson is the brother of Ben Matheson, the brother-in-law of Rachel Matheson, the uncle of Danny and Charlie Matheson, the founding father of the Monroe Republic and former leader of the Monroe Militia.


Early life

Miles was born in 1981 in Chicago. He grew up with Sebastian Monroe and the two considered each other brothers, they're families going on vacations together. The two attended the same high school where they met Emma Bennett who began dating Miles. When they graduated they both joined the Marine. Some years later Miles stopped Monroe from killing himself after his whole family died in a car accident. (Monroe Republic Watch List, Nobody's Fault But Mine, Home)

Rise and Fall

Miles frees Nora

Some years later they were off-base drinking before returning to the base when the power went out and they were forced to walk back to the base. They spent the next eight weeks at the base, waiting for orders until Miles decided to walk to Chicago to find Ben, Monroe deciding to go with him. Six months after the blackout the two were journeying down an abandoned road and came across a couple who had been killed over their food supplies and a short time after saw two men beating another. Miles told them to stop and then pulled a weapon on one of the men; deciding that no one else would come to help, Miles shot the two men. He and Monroe helped the man, Jeremy Baker and over many year the three started the Monroe Republic and trained the Monroe Militia. A few years after Miles asked Rachel Matheson to hand herself over to him and he arrested her. Miles had a relationship with a woman called Nora Clayton for some time before she left him. Feeling that Monroe had gone to far with the killing of innocent people, Miles tried to kill him but could not and instead fled. (Pilot, The Plague Dogs, No Quarter, Nobody's Fault But Mine)

Search for Danny

Miles is captured

Fifteen years after the blackout he was running a bar in Chicago when Charlie and some others arrived looking for his help, but he refused to do so. When the militia showed up he killed several of them and was helped by Charlie. Afterwards he agreed to help them and left his bar. Miles and the others went to Pontiac to locate a woman called Nora but when Charlie and the others were almost hurt, he decided to locate Nora on his own, so Charlie followed him, eventually catching up to Miles and they saw a group of Militia prisoners. When Miles freed Nora, Charlie volunteered to be the one to shoot the Warden, using an improvised weapon that Nora built. She pretended to be a lost hunter and was brought before the Warden, shooting and killing him, Miles and Nora stepped in and took care of the rest of the militia personnel. (Pilot, Chained Heat)

Miles comforts Charlie when Maggie dies

Miles went with Nora and Charlie to the rebel base at the Lone Pine Mall where he found that they had attacked a Militia base and many of them were killed. Miles suggested that they leave immediately when he learned that one of their men had been unaccounted for, however the base was attacked before they could leave. Miles sent Trevor, a rebel, up to the roof with the military rifle to take out the men as they came towards the building as he helped coordinate the digging of a tunnel to escape. When Trevor ran out of ammo and the militia stormed the base, Miles fought with Jeremy, the commanding officer of the militia group, capturing him. With no other way out, Miles decided to give himself up to save the others. As he was led away, Jeremy talked to Miles, asking him if he thought that Monroe was crazy in thinking that he could get the power working. Miles was saved by Nora and Charlie. (No Quarter)

Miles questioned a Militia way station guard about Captain Neville and when the guard gave up the info, Miles knocked him out. They reunited with Maggie and Aaron in Lowell, Indiana and were heading through the city when they were chased by some dogs. Miles revealed to Nora that he was leaving as it was too dangerous for him to be with them. The group entered an abandoned amusement park where Miles discovered that Nate was watching them, the two fought before Charlie broke them up. Miles and the others had to take refuge in a diner when the dogs attacked again where Maggie was kidnapped by a man who attempted to kill her only to stab her in the leg. Miles found her and brought her to the others as he and Nora went to try and distract the dogs. When the man took Charlie, Miles and Nate went after him, Miles fought with the man and Nate killed him. When Maggie died from loss of blood, Miles told Charlie that he would not leave her. (The Plague Dogs)

Miles at gun point

Miles and the group came to Noblesville, Indiana where they discovered that the Militia had repaired a steam train in order to quickly move Danny to Philadelphia. Miles, Charlie and Nora head out to perform reconnaissance on the Militia and locate Danny, however Charlie decided to follow Captain Neville and was caught so Miles was forced to fight with Neville, until more Militia came. When Neville steps up moving Danny, Miles and Charlie commandeer horses and give chase to the train. Miles heads to the first car and fights with the fireman, quickly removing the bomb that Nora placed on the train. When Charlie was thrown off the train, Miles jumped after her. (Soul Train)

With Nora's wound becoming infected, Miles and the group stole a Militia wagon and headed to see Drexel, an old acquaintance of Miles. When they arrived, Drexel pointed a gun at Miles' head and threatened to kill him, however the gun was not loaded and Drexel was only joking. Miles went with Nora, where Dr. Vidal transferred some blood from Miles to Nora. Following this, Drexel had Charlie go undercover to kill one of his enemies, Bill O'Halloran, and when Miles found out that she would most likely be killed, he escaped to go after her. Miles managed to get to her as she was about to kill the man and the two left, meeting up with Nora and Aaron on the way. (Sex and Drugs)

Miles sees the lighthouse come on

Noticing a Militia convoy, Miles stopped Charlie from helping free a young boy from the soldiers. They later came across the boy's brother, Michael, and other children and Miles decided to help free him. The group moved on, following the militia, discovering that Michael and some of the children were following them. When one of the kids, went through Aaron's bag and found the pendant, Aaron chased him down and took it back. When Miles inquired as to what it was, Aaron told him it was a necklace, however Miles was not convinced. Charlie went undercover on the militia training ship and did not come back in time, Miles and Nora went after her, making it aboard the ship, killing the militia soldiers and freeing the kids. During the fight, the nearby lighthouse turned on and when back on shore, Miles demanded that Aaron tell him what happened. When he did, Miles demanded that he hand over the pendant, but Aaron did not comply. (The Children's Crusade)

Miles confronts Monroe

When the group attempts to find a way into Philadelphia, they escape from an ambush. When they learn that Sgt. Strausser is looking for them and the pendant, Miles tells Aaron to hand it over and he attempts to destroy it but it appears to be unbreakable. Miles helps rescue Mia, Nora's sister and try to find a way across the Allegheny River, however they are forced to jump in and swim to the other side. The group makes contact with a rebel group near Philadelphia where Miles is beaten. He manages to convince them to help giving up information on Monroe so the rebels can kill him. Moving through old tunnels, the group are sealed when explosions caused a cave-in and begin to run low on air. Eventually they find an exit but Miles is captured by one of the rebels who is actually a militia spy. Miles is rescued by Charlie. (Ties That Bind, Kashmir)

Miles and the others get into Philadelphia, making contact with David Kipling. Miles goes on a reconnaissance mission when the others are captured by Neville. Miles kidnaps Julia Neville and threatens to kill her if his friend are not released. Later they make their way to a militia facility out of town where Miles finds Rachel, having just killed Sgt. Strausser. They escape the facility, rescuing Charlie and Danny on the way. On the outside they stopped to hear a whirring sound and see one of Monroe's helicopters starting its flight. (Nobody's Fault But Mine)

Miles aims rocket launcher

Training the Rebels

Miles and the others escaped from the helicopters with Miles hiding them inside a large freezer in the building they were in to shield them from the helicopters attack. Miles went with Rachel to get weapons to better fight Monroe's helicopters but when they reached one of her former colleagues, John Sanborn, he knocked them out. Miles managed to escape and free Rachel, gathering up the weapons Sanborn had and returning to the Rebel base to join in with the attack. Miles was poised to fire a rocket launcher at one of the helicopters when a blast knocked him out; Danny then took up the job, taking down the helicopter but was killed in the process. (The Stand)

Miles trains the Rebels

Miles and Aaron dig a grave for Danny and then Miles tells the Rebels that their "business as usual" usually means losing and dying. He and Nora head for Culpepper, Virginia to locate Jim Hudson, an old colleague of Miles' to help train the Rebels. They find Hudson but he claims to be someone else and Miles discovers he is married now and living another life. When Militia come to the town to find Miles, they fight against them which is witnessed by Hudson's wife who he tells her everything and she leaves him. Miles brings Hudson back to the Rebel hideout. (Ghosts)

Miles and Hudson begin training the Rebels to fight better. When Tom Neville is captured Miles interrogates him, but Tom pushes him and he gets angry and almost kills Neville. When Miles sees Jason Neville arriving with some Rebels he does not believe that he has changed sides and is punched in the face as payback for almost hurting his mother. Miles tells him to leave but he refuses wanting to see his father; Miles uses Jason to get Tom to reveal what his mission was and then travels to where Tom was headed to. A fight ensues between Miles and the Rebels and the Militia soldiers. After the fight Miles brings back plans to the Rebel hideout and Rachel identifies them as a Nuclear bomb. (The Song Remains The Same)

Miles fights in the Battle of Evansville

Miles receives word that Monroe has sent the bomb across the border to Atlanta and he, Nora and Charlie head to retrieve it and stop Monroe's plan. They find a Georgian military outpost with dead soldiers and put on their uniforms. Miles finds a knife in the outpost and realizes who is undertaking this mission, Alec a former protege. Miles finds Alec in Atlanta and gives chase but Miles is arrested for a soldier that Alec kills. He is brought before President Kelly Foster and he convinces her to let him find and stop Alec. As the city evacuates Miles finds Alec and tries to get him to stop but he does not comply and so Miles has to kill him. Foster gives Miles command of 200 troops to attack Monroe from within the Republic. (The Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia)

Miles fights in the Battle of Evansville and other skirmishes, winning against Monroe's forces. A messenger arrives to tell Miles that Monroe is headed for Jasper, Indiana, their hometown, to kill everyone they ever knew, even Emma. Miles heads for his hometown, kills some of the soldiers and makes it inside the town hall where all the townspeople have been put and was set on fire. He leads the people out of the basement but are cut off from getting outside by Militia soldiers until Nora, Charlie and Captain Dixon shows up to help. Monroe puts a gun to Emma's head and tells Miles that he has to give himself up. Miles tells the others not to fire as it might hit Emma; when Dixon shoots Emma dead and injures Monroe. Miles shoots Dixon dead. (Home)

Miles and Nora have sex

When Neville arrives, working for Foster, Miles does not want him around. He tells Miles that Monroe is weaponizing Anthrax and that they know where the scientist making it is located and mean to go in and get him. They kills Militia guards and kidnap the scientist, telling him that he will be working for them now. Charlie, Jason and Nora are against using such weapons, particularly when they are holding the scientists family to get his cooperation. When they free the scientists and Neville stops them, Miles steps in and help them get the scientists away. Later Nora tells Miles that he isn't the bad guy he thinks that he is and the two have sex. (The Love Boat)

Miles tracks down the groups killer

When the Rebel base is attacked by Monroe's drones, Charlie and Jason go missing and so Miles, Nora and Neville go to search for them and avoiding the incoming Militia troops. They find Jason and Neville takes him away as Miles and Nora continue to look for Charlie. Miles comes up with a plan to run and attract the Militia troops so Nora can find Charlie, but Nora runs instead and Miles locates Charlie. He berates a Rebel spy for not having any information on where Nora is or if she was captured by the Militia. (The Longest Day)

The Tower

When Nora is returned to Atlanta and admits that she told Monroe about Rachel heading for the Tower in Colorado. Miles, Nora, Charlie, Jason, Neville, Hudson and some others head to stop him from getting inside but have to stop at an abandoned military base to refuel their helicopter. Here their pilot and a Rebel are killed and Miles suspects one of them, having them all confined with one another while he tries to find where Nora went to. He finds a bloody knife on Jason and assumes it is him however Jason gets away. Miles goes to find him and discovers that Hudson is behind the killings, as Monroe has his wife, and Miles is forced to kill him. (Clue)

Miles and Monroe work together again

Miles and the others reach the Tower and find Aaron in the woods who tells them that Rachel tried to kill Monroe but was captured and taken into the Tower. A diversion is created and Miles, Charlie, Nora and Aaron make it inside the Tower and have to fight against the dwellers inside the Tower. Miles and the others escape into a lab and through a ventilation shaft and then he heads out to raid an armory but finds it empty. They are found again and have to fight and this time are rescued by Monroe. Miles and Monroe stand off against one another. (Children of Men)

Before they can fire on one another they are attacked and fall into an aqueduct and are washed out of the Tower. Miles wakes to find Monroe attacking him and the two fight before they are fired on by a Militia soldier who also fires on Monroe. Miles heads out to get back into the Tower and Monroe follows, attacking him on the way but Miles pushes him off and continues until a helicopter finds them. Miles returns to the Militia camp at the entrance of the Tower and finds Monroe captured. He releases him saying that he cannot kill Monroe as they are brothers. Miles heads back inside the Tower and find an injured Nora who dies as he tries to help her. He then helps protect Rachel and Aaron as they turn the power back on. (The Dark Tower)


Miles tries to save Nora

Morality and Wisdom

"You're not such a bad guy, Miles."
Nora Clayton - The Love Boat

Miles has a strong morality, believing that the right thing should be done despite the means in which it is done. He values life and will go out of his way to help people, provided he gets something out of it, and despite his attitude of using people to achieve his goals he does not believe in it, preferring to help those that he cares about rather than kill them. He has no problem in hurting or killing those that threaten those that he cares for. (No Quarter, Pilot, The Dark Tower, Clue, Home)

Miles fights

Abilities and Skills

Miles is very skilled in hand-to-hand and weapon combat, especially prowess in sword fighting techniques, a very useful skill in a post-blackout world. He is very intuitive with military tactics and predicting the moves of the militia. He can also pilot a helicopter. (Pilot, Chained Heat, No Quarter, Clue)



Miles and Emma