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Rachel Matheson

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Rachel Matheson née Porter
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"What makes you think that I'm in it to help people? I want power... So Monroe's enemies can wipe him off the map."
— Rachel Matheson - The Longest Day

Rachel Matheson née Porter is the wife of Ben, the mother of Charlie and Danny and the sister-in-law of Miles Matheson.


Early life

Rachel worked with Ben, Grace Beaumont and Bradley Jaffe on a clean, low-cost energy source, however they failed and actually found a way to inhibit electricity. Ben showed off the technology to the Department of Defense and Rachel was against this, as they would use it as a weapon. While she was pregnant with Danny their were complications, but with Randall Flynn's help in getting her into a medical trial his life was saved. She and Ben were aware that the power was going to go out and when Ben arrived home and told her that it was going to happen, she started to fill bottles with water. A week later she helped Charlie get ready as the family was leaving their home to live in the country. She told Charlie to hold onto Danny's hand and never let go. (The Plague Dogs, The Stand, Pilot, Chained Heat)

Living without power

Rachel shoots

On their way out of the city, they stopped at the University of Chicago so Ben could get something. Here a man held onto Charlie and threatened to hurt her if he was not given their food. Ben pointed a gun at him but was unable to shoot, so Rachel took the weapon and shot the man in the back. About six years after the blackout Rachel was asked by Miles to come to him, so she said goodbye to her family, telling her children she was going for supplies. She made her way to a Militia camp and was arrested by Miles. Sebastian Monroe had her held at Independence Hall where Monroe wanted her to tell him everything about the blackout. (Chained Heat)

Rachel stabs Bradley

When Monroe came to see her to tell her that Ben was dead and Danny was in his possession, she attempted to stab him with a pen but was stopped. Rachel was drawing up some diagrams when Monroe came to see her. She stuck to her story that Ben was just an algebra teacher and refused to give up any info so Monroe called in Sgt. Will Strausser to interrogate her. He later returned and asked Rachel what kind of mother would abandon her children and whether she felt anything. He then told her that he was going to torture Danny to get her to talk. When Danny finally arrives in Philadelphia, Rachel sketches one of the pendants and tells Monroe that there are 12 of them and they are needed to get the power back on. A short time later, Danny was brought to Rachel and the two embraced. (Chained Heat, The Plague Dogs, Soul Train, Sex and Drugs)

Danny met with Rachel to enjoy a meal in her quarters at Independence Hall where he told her that they had to leave. She was called before General Monroe and asked more about the pendants. Monroe told Rachel that he had Dr. Bradley Jaffe in his custody. Strausser brought Ben's pendant to Monroe who had Rachel begin to build an amplifier to extend the range of the pendant. When Neville brings in Captain Burke, he has Rachel explain to him what she is building where he discovers that she is lying. Monroe threatens to kill Danny so Rachel stabs Jaffe in the heart so she is the only one that can help him. (The Children's Crusade, Ties That Bind, Kashmir)

Rachel cuts Danny open

When Charlie is also brought in, Rachel had no choice but to agree to finish Jaffe's amplifier. When she was complete, she activated it, she attempted to hit Sgt. Strausser with a hammer but Strausser stopped her and then tossed for a minute. Rachel feigned a romantic moment with Strausser, to throw him off balance and then stabbed and killed him. When Miles showed up, Rachel was surprised to see him, walking slowly up to him and slapping him. When other militia showed up, the two fled and made their way out of the base. On the outside they stopped to hear a whirring sound and see one of Monroe's helicopters starting its flight. (Nobody's Fault But Mine)

Rachel and the others escape from the helicopters and Aaron asks her all she knows about the Blackout but she tells him that it is not the right time. Knowing that she has to help the Rebels, Rachel goes with Miles to an old colleague of hers, John Sanborn, to get some advanced weapons. Sanborn reveals that he is working for Randall Flynn and knocks the two out with a sonic weapon. Miles manages to free them and they take some rocket launchers back to the Rebels, arriving in time to join in the attack. When Danny dies in the attack, Rachel cuts him open and removes a small Capsule from inside of him. (The Stand)

Rachel watches Danny get buried

During Danny's burial Rachel tries to hold Charlies hand but she pulls away. When Charlie takes part in an attack on some Militia and is injured she learns that Charlie does not need her anymore and blames her for Danny's death; Rachel slaps her. She sees that the two pendants that Aaron has are on and realizes that Randall is tracking them so she destroys them in an acid bath, but Randall already knows where they are. While the Rebels escape, Rachel is captured by Randall and the Militia soldiers but is rescued by Charlie and Aaron. Rachel decides to tell Aaron everything she knows about the Blackout and the Tower. (Ghosts)

Turning the power on

Rachel and Aaron are accosted

Rachel tells him about how she was part of a team that created the Nanites. When Tom Neville is captured by the Rebels Rachel wants to see him dead as he killed Ben and took Danny. When she tries to gain access to see him she is stopped by Charlie who tells her that if anyone is going to kill Neville it will be her and only after they learn all they can from him. Rachel examines some schematics Miles discovers and confirms Miles' suspicions - they are for a Nuclear bomb. Rachel knows that the only chance she and the rest of the continent have is if she turns the power back on for everyone. (The Song Remains The Same)

Rachel's leg heals

Rachel and Aaron head off to Allison Park, Pennsylvania to locate Dr. Jane Warren, one of Rachel's old colleague, who has information about the Tower. When two Militia soldiers who come across them, they are attacked and Rachel is almost raped until the soldiers are somehow cooked alive by a device used by Dr. Warren. Rachel and Aaron are given a notebook with information and then head off to Colorado. While in La Grange Aaron spots his wife Priscilla, and goes to talk to her but she seems dismissive. Rachel doesn't think that anything is wrong but he thinks otherwise. (The Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia, Home)

Rachel and Aaron reach the Thompson Tribal Lands of the Plains Nation trying to buy food but the tribe will not part with any as they need it all. The two steal some food but are tracked down by the tribes leader who is about to kill them when Rachel shoots him dead. When the run, Rachel falls down and breaks her leg and Aaron tries to move her but they must take refuge in an abandoned truck when tribesmen come after them. Aaron tries to fight them off but he is almost killed until Rachel gets a hold of one of their guns. (The Love Boat)

Aaron wants to keep moving but Rachel's leg is stopping them and he refuses to leave her behind. Rachel shows Aaron the Capsule and tells him that it can heal her leg. They find an old computer shop and using the capsule Aaron powers up a computer and uses it to reprogram the capsule to heal Rachel's leg. The rapid healing is seen by Lee Blackmore who brings them both back home believing they are healers and want them to help his injured son. Aaron believes that Rachel is sincere in wanting to help but she knocks Lee out and tells Aaron that they cannot help the kid and their only goal is to get the power back on so Monroe's enemies can fight him. (The Longest Day)

Rachel helps Aaron turn the power on

Rachel and Aaron reach the Tower only to find the entrance swarming with Militia. Rachel decides to take out Monroe herself with a grenade to allow Aaron to get inside the Tower, however her plan fails when she is captured. Monroe has Rachel use her hand to open the Tower doors, despite Randall telling him that she does not have clearance. The doors open and they talk the elevator down to level 11 where they are attacked by the dwellers inside. Rachel makes it inside a secret bunker and tries to shut the door but Monroe gets in with her. After she witnesses Charlie and the others inside the Tower on security monitors she goes to help them from being killed. (Clue, Children of Men)

Rachel, Charlie and Aaron are captured by those inside and Rachel is surprised to learn that Dan Jenkins, a former colleague, leads those inside and have no intention of turning the power back on. Rachel tries to convince Grace to help her but when she declines Rachel knocks her out and the group makes their way to level 12. When taking out the guards, Nora Clayton is injured and Charlie wants to take her to the infirmary but Rachel tells her that there is no time. She and Aaron go on ahead and make it to the control systems for the Tower. With Rachel's guidance Aaron deactivates the nanites and gets the power back on. When Randall comes along and uses the systems to launch nuclear missiles, Rachel begs him to stop, however he shoots himself dead as the missiles move to their destinations. (Children of Men, The Dark Tower)

Rachel leaves to protect her family


Morality and Wisdom

"I want to kill the man who killed my son, and that's it."
— Rachel Matheson - The Longest Day

Rachel is a caring person when it comes to those that she cares about willing to kill those who threaten her family or friends. She was depressed to learn that her work led to the death of so many innocent people but is willing to let others die if it will prevent her from helping those she loves. Rachel is very focused on whatever task she is set about to do. (The Stand, Ghosts, Children of Men, The Love Boat, Nobody's Fault But Mine, The Dark Tower)

Rachel builds an amplifier

Abilities and Skills

Rachel is very intelligent and highly skilled in science and technology. She has knowledge of physics and energy technology and was behind some of the most advanced computer and robotics technology in the world. She also has some skills in building technology and machinery. (The Plague Dogs, The Stand, Ghosts, The Dark Tower, Nobody's Fault But Mine)

Rachel reunites with her children




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