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The biggest and best reference wiki for the NBC science fiction television show Revolution. See how the world deals when the power goes out and does not come back on. New here? Read the FAQ and browse the introduction. Please feel free to start contributing, if you need any help, don't hesitate to contact an admin. Also check out the site history.

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  • April 2nd, 2014: Austin City Limits - Determined to derail the Patriots' plans, Miles and Monroe rush to Austin.
  • April 30th, 2014: Shit Happens - Miles, Monroe, Charlie and Connor rush to escape Austin.

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The Patriots are a mysterious group of people claiming to be former members of the United States government. After the Blackout many of them retreated to the United States Colony in Guantanamo Bay. The Patriots sent Randall Flynn to get into the Tower and use the tech there to launch Nuclear bombs against Atlanta and Philadelphia so they could take over the east coast much easier. After the bombs were dropped, Justine Allenford and some men came to the Savannah Refugee Camp to hand out supplies and get people to trust them. Tom Neville worked with a rebel to get himself trusted by Allenford so he could take down the Patriots. Read more...

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"Someone, or something told these machines to save you. They chose you. You don't think there's a reason?"
"I'm not Harry Potter, okay, I'm an agnostic Jew from Minnesota.
Cynthia and Aaron Pittman - Love Story

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