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Sebastian Monroe

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Sebastian "Bass" Monroe
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Leader of the Monroe Republic

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David Lyons, Dalton Farmer, Patrick Johnson

"You probably will take over the continent. But you're gonna do it alone, and you're gonna suspect everybody around you,..."
Jeremy Baker - The Longest Day

Sebastian "Bass" Monroe is a former marine, the President of the Monroe Republic and the General of the Monroe Militia.


Early life

Monroe has been friends with Miles Matheson since they were very young; their families even went away together to Schaumberg, Illinois where they would tattoo each other, with a marker, the M symbol that would later be used by the Monroe Republic. The two went to high school together in their hometown of Jasper, Indiana and Miles began a relationship with Emma Bennett. Monroe developed feelings for Emma and one night when Miles drank too much, Monroe made a move on Emma and she reciprocated. When Monroe's family was killed in a car crash, Miles returned home to visit their graves; Miles found him there, drunk and with a gun and talked Monroe out of killing himself. Monroe joined the marines along with Miles and they were stationed at U.S. Marine Corps Recruit Depot at Parris Island. In 2012 he was seeing a 22-year old woman named Susan. (Nobody's Fault But Mine, Home, Pilot)


Monroe survives the Rebel attack

Monroe and Miles were returning to the base after having drinks when the Blackout occurred. They walked back to the base and remained there for 8 weeks before Miles decided to leave to find his brother and Monroe went with him. While on their way to Chicago the two came across a man being beaten up and put a stop to the fight. Over the next 5 years Monroe and Miles put together a formidable army in an attempt to keep the peace. In 2017 he and Miles fought against another group at Trenton, New Jersey. Monroe was celebrating with Miles in 2023 when Miles was injured in an explosion set by the Rebels. While Miles was recuperating, Monroe had the rebel and his family killed. Miles believed that Monroe had gone to far and set out to kill him, but was unable to do so and fled Philadelphia. (Pilot, No Quarter, Nobody's Fault But Mine, The Dark Tower, Enemies of the State, Part 1)

Solitary leader

Monroe threatens Rachel

Monroe took on full control of the Republic and the Militia, beginning to become obsessed with restoring the power and gathering military technology. He sent Tom Neville out to find Ben Matheson so he could finally get Rachel Matheson to tell him how to restore the power. He received word that Ben had been killed but Neville had taken Danny Matheson hostage so Monroe could still complete his plan. Monroe was at the Kimberton staging area where a rebel was being held and tortured for information however he refused to give up information so Monroe killed him. He returned to Philadelphia to tell Rachel that Ben was dead and that he had captured Danny and threatened her into telling him about the blackout. (Pilot, Chained Heat)

Monroe came back to see Rachel at Independence Hall, however he knew that Rachel would not give up any info so he called in Sgt. Will Strausser to interrogate her. He later returned and tried to shame her into telling him what she knew: he asked her what kind of mother would abandon her children and whether she felt anything for them at all; he then told her that he was going to torture Danny in order to get her to talk. Some time later, Monroe met with Col. John Faber to discuss the alliance between the Georgia Federation and the Plains Nation and their skirmishes near St. Louis. When Neville arrives in Philadelphia with Danny, Monroe again asks Rachel for information and she informs him about the pendants. (Chained Heat, The Plague Dogs, Soul Train)

Monroe meets Danny

Monroe had Danny Matheson brought before him at Independence Hall and told him that he was a guest and if he needed anything all he had to do was ask. He spoke with Neville, promoting him to Major and appointing him the head of Intelligence and Interrogations. He then met with Jason Neville, reading his report on Miles Matheson and then showed him the sketch that Rachel had done of the pendant and Jason recognized that Aaron Pittman had it on him. Monroe gave Strausser a mission to retrieve Miles and the pendant. Monroe had Rachel brought before her and asked more about the pendants and he told her that they were unable to locate any of them or any of the people that she told him about except for Dr. Bradley Jaffe. He later tells Rachel that they managed to find Bradley's pendant. (Sex and Drugs, The Children's Crusade)

Monroe tries to get Miles back

Neville came and asked Monroe about why his son was being held and tortured to which Monroe replied that Jason had been found trying to uncover classified information, and that Jason would either be sent on an expedition to the California Commonwealth or be executed, both of which would result in his death. Monroe later hands over Ben's pendant to Rachel and has her build an amplifier to extend the pendants range. Monroe lets Major Neville investigate what Rachel is building and when Neville tells him that Rachel is not building what she says she is, Monroe brings in Jaffe to uncover that it is a bomb. Monroe orders Rachel and Danny killed, but Rachel stabs Jaffe in the heart, so that she is now the only one who can build what Monroe needs. (Ties That Bind, Kashmir)

Monroe is awoken in the middle of the night and told that word has arrived that Miles is in the city. Monroe goes to the Willow Grove Power station and has Charlie and Danny brought before Rachel and threatens to kill them if she does not help him. When Monroe comes across Miles in the station, Monroe offers to accept Miles back but he refuses and the two briefly fight. Miles gets the upper hand but some Militia soldiesr arrive and Miles has to flee. Monroe then heads outside to oversee his new active helicopter fleet and send one of them out to kill Miles and the others who escaped. (Nobody's Fault But Mine)

Monroe has power

Monroe meets Randall Flynn

Neville reports to Monroe that his helicopter destroyed the hiding place of Miles but no remains were found; Monroe does not believe that Miles is dead. He send out the helicopter to attack the Rebels hiding at West Chester and then send Neville out to locate Miles. When he reports back that Charlie was sighted, Monroe assumes that Miles is there and orders the attack. When he learns that his helicopter was shot down he broods and orders not to be disturbed. A guard tells him that someone has arrived to see him and Monroe should talk to him as he drove into town; Monroe is introduced to Randall Flynn. Flynn tells Monroe that he can track the pendants, but Neville tells Monroe that he barely knows Flynn and should not trust him. (The Stand, Ghosts)

Monroe holds Emma hostage

Monroe, working on Flynn's information, sends Neville to retrieve a Nuclear bomb but when Neville is captured by the Rebels, Randall informs Monroe that he will retrieve it himself. He is angered to learn that Neville and his wife fled the city after he learns that Jason is still alive and working with the Rebels. He orders Alec, a former protege of Miles, to take the nuclear bomb to to Atlanta and then sends his helicopters to blanket the city with a warning that unless President Kelly Foster surrender to him he will detonate the bomb and destroy the city. When Foster does not surrender, Monroe tries to order the attack to go ahead but Miles and Charlie had uncovered the plan, killed Alec and recovered the bomb. (The Song Remains The Same, The Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia)

Monroe wants Miles dead and travels home to Jasper to take the town hostage, sending a messenger to find Miles and inform him to come alone or he will kill Emma. Miles has the townspeople rounded up and then visits his family's graves finding fresh flowers on them. He meets with Emma and she tells him that she loved him once and he learns that she has been putting the flowers on the graves for him. Monroe puts the townspeople in the town hall basement and sets the building on fire. When Miles arrives, followed by Charlie, Nora and Captain Dixon, he fights with Monroe who then uses Emma as a human shield during which she tells him that she became pregnant after their night together and he has a son somewhere. Captain Dixon takes a shot at Monroe, killing Emma in the process and forcing Monroe to flee back home. (Home)

Monroe is attacked in the street

Monroe sets out to eliminate his enemies by ordering that Anthrax be weaponized for his attacks and Flynn tells him that his recent orders are erratic and barely work; Monroe reminds Flynn that he is not in charge and merely an IT guy and if Flynn ever criticizes him again he will be killed. When Captain Baker convinces Monroe to come across the street for a drink with the men, he is attacked in the street outside and begins to wonder why Baker, who was out in the open when Monroe was rushed to cover, did not get hit. He questions Baker on this and Baker tells Monroe that he is crazy and will alienate everyone in his quest for control; Monroe thanks Baker for his honesty and then has him killed, only to later learn that a Rebel was captured trying to flee and confessed to the attack. (The Love Boat, The Longest Day)

The Tower

Monroe gets Flynn to open the Tower

When Nora is captured, Monroe prepares a nice meal for her in an attempt to get her to tell her what she knows but when she refuses he has her tortured for information, even injecting her a hallucinogenic truth serum, he learns that Rachel is headed for the Tower in order to restore power, something that Monroe cannot let happen as power is his only advantage. When Flynn confirms that the Tower is real, Monroe orders him killed for withholding this, however Flynn convinces him that he can get him in and there he can get his hands on all the advanced weapons inside. Monroe, Flynn and a large contingent of Militia soldiers head to Colorado but when Flynn tries to open the Tower door, it does not open. While waiting for Flynn to get them in, Monroe is accosted in his tent by Rachel who removes a pin from a grenade. (Clue)

Monroe is freed by Miles

Monroe's men manage to get to her and throw the grenade out before it explodes. Monroe uses Rachel to inside the Tower, something which Flynn says should be impossible. Flynn shows Monroe the command room where he can watch any place on the planet and listen into any conversation, however Monroe is interested in the weapons. When they take the elevator down to level 12 it stops on level 11 and the group is attacked. Monroe notices Rachel getting away and goes after her, getting into a hidden bunker when she tries to close the door on him. Inside they discover that Charlie is inside the Tower and Rachel wants to go help her and has to take Monroe with her. Monroe rescues Charlie from attack by one of the people inside the tower and then faces off against Miles. (Children of Men)

When other dwellers arrive the two have to run and when attacked, they find themselves swept up in an underground aqueduct and are pushed outside the Tower and into a small lake some distance from the facility. Monroe and Miles fight again but are shot at by a Militia soldier, however when Monroe announced who he is the soldier keeps firing while Miles escapes. Monroe finds him again and demands that they fight again, but a helicopter shows up, fires on them both and Monroe is captured where he learns that Neville is now in command of his troops. Monroe is tied up but later finds Miles untying him and allowing him to escape. Monroe runs for it and later finds himself among a bizarre and intense lightning storm. (The Dark Tower)

The results of Monroe's beliefs


Morality and Wisdom

Monroe shoots
"I did that for you. Everything I have ever done was for you."
— Sebastian Monroe - The Dark Tower

Monroe is very focused, even to the point of obsession, in his search for more power and more control over everything in his life. He is fiercely protective of the people he cares for and the ideals that he believes in, willing to kill innocent people and instill fear in the masses in order to reach his goals. He believes that he is the right person to rule and anyone who stands in his way, or even questions him, is not the right kind of person that he should surround himself with. (No Quarter, The Dark Tower, Nobody's Fault But Mine, The Plague Dogs)

Abilities and Skills

Being military-trained Monroe is very skilled in hand-to-hand combat as well as numerous types of weapons. He does not have very good political skills, rather resorting to his brute strength and force to get the job done. (Nobody's Fault But Mine, The Dark Tower, The Stand, The Longest Day)



Monroe and his family's graves