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Tom Neville

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Tom Neville
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"Me, I was an insurance adjuster. Most of my job was figuring out whether the things people said lined up with the truth. Lucky for me, its a skill that never goes out of style."
— Tom Neville

Tom Neville was a Major of the Monroe Militia, an officer in the Rebel-Georgian Coalition, the husband of Julia Neville and father of Jason Neville.


Early life

Tom comes to Sylvania Estates

Tom was a weakling kid and had a dream to be a stronger man. He eventually became an insurance adjuster but was fired for attempting to help a family who's insurance did not cover fire damage. Six weeks after the blackout, Neville found his neighbor, Rob, stealing from him. Neville tries to stop him but Rob beats him down, Neville stops him and manages to attack Rob. A short while later, Neville trains his son to use a knife and a gun to protect himself. (Pilot, Soul Train)

Crossing the Republic

He eventually became a leader in the Monroe Militia, keeping peace across the whole country. He was sent to capture Ben Matheson but when Ben was killed, he took Danny Matheson as hostage in order to get a hold of Miles Matheson. When Danny escaped, Neville tracked him to a house where he was being hidden by Grace and recaptured him. (Pilot)

Neville trapped under a beam

Neville and his men stopped when they heard gunfire and came to the house of a man with weapons, Neville quoted the Baltimore Act and got the man to hand over one of the weapons and then ordered his men to search the house. When the man grabbed another weapon and killed one of Neville's men, he drew his weapon and killed the man. Neville ordered the hosue burned down, then later gave a vial of opium to his injured man to ease his passing. He then buried him in a sunflower field. Neville and his men stopped near a town and he and some of them went into the town over the night, returning to see Danny choking Private Richards and threatening to kill him if Richards ever touches him again. (Chained Heat, No Quarter)

During the night, a storm was coming in and Danny warned Captain Neville that they needed to find shelter, however Neville was unconvinced. When the storm hit, Neville ordered his men to take refuge in a barn. Danny took the opportunity to escape but Neville found him, beating him some before noticing that Danny was looking at something else - a tornado forming! Neville grabbed Danny and the two took refuge in a cellar. After the storm lifted, the cellar collapsed on Neville, trapping him and leaving a large stove about to fall on him. Neville told Danny that his father would not leave him behind and convinced Danny to free him, immediately slamming Danny against a wall and cuffing him. (The Plague Dogs)

Neville fights Danny

Neville and his men travel to Noblesville, Indiana where the Militia had repaired a steam train in order to quickly move Danny to Philadelphia. Neville boxes with some of his men and then invites Danny to join in, who gets in a few punches but then is beaten down by Neville. The next day, Neville comes across a girl, Charlie, who appears to be casing a store and asks her what she is doing, she tells him that she is watching the reflection of her boyfriend who she believes is cheating on her. Neville leaves but notices Charlie following him, so he catches her only to be attacked himself by Miles. Neville steps up moving Danny and heads out on the train, only to suddenly be attacked by Danny and then by Charlie who has gotten aboard. Neville manages to grab Danny and Nate grabs Charlie, who is ordered to bring Charlie to him so he can kill her, however Nate throws her off the train. Neville makes it to Philadelphia and reunites with his wife. (Soul Train)

Neville met with Monroe where he was promoted to Major and became head of Intelligence and Interrogations. He then met with Monroe and Jason, stating that he felt that Jason's report on Miles was lacking in detail. When Jason protested to having Strausser sent after Miles, due to him not leaving any other survivors, Neville berated him for questioning Monroe. (Sex and Drugs)

Tom hands over his weapons to save Julia

Neville met with Monroe and informed Rachel that it had been difficult to crack Dr. Bradley Jaffe. When Jaffe continued to refuse, Neville brought Eve Jaffe, Bradley's daughter, in to help convince him to help. When Tom learned that Jaso had been captured and tortured by militia soldiers he went to ask Monroe about it and Monroe told him that he planned to send Jason on an expedition to the California Commonwealth or be executed, both of which would result in his death. Tom managed to uncover that the son of Colonel John Faber, one of Monroe's most trusted officers, was part of the rebels and used that to get Jason freed. (The Children's Crusade, Ties That Bind)

Tom beats Jason down

Neville brings in Captain Burke to see what Rachel is building, having her explain it to him, and discovering that she is lying. Later they bring in Dr. Jaffe who tells them that she is building a bomb. Neville tracks down Miles and the others when they arrive in Philadelphia but does not capture Miles. Later Miles kidnaps Julia and gets Neville to bring his friends to him or he will kill Julia. Neville complies and then is locked in a closet with Julia as the others escape. (Kashmir, Nobody's Fault But Mine)

Fighting the Rebels

Neville receives a report that Miles and his group's bodies were not found where a helicopter fired on them and relays it to Monroe, who send Neville out to find Rebel bases to mark for attacks. When Jason refused to send in the order for an attack due to the massive loss of life Tom beat him up, disowned him and told him never to come home. Tom returns to Philadelphia and informs Monroe that he believes that he has located where Miles is hiding and that his son is now dead. Tom later learns that Monroe has sent Randall Flynn on a special mission and asks Monroe why he trusts Flynn despite him not knowing Flynn's intentions. (Ghosts, The Stand)

Tom packs to get Julia out

Later Monroe sends Neville to retrieve a Nuclear bomb but on the journey they are ambushed by the Rebels and Neville is taken hostage. Neville eggs Miles on, knowing that if he is dead he can reveal no information about his mission. Jason comes to him and frees him, however it is a ploy as Jason now works for the Rebels and Neville is recaptured. He picks the locks on his cuffs and then kills the Rebel guards heading back to Philadelphia where he gets Julia out of the city as he knows that Monroe will kill them if he learns that Jason is alive and with the Rebels. (The Song Remains The Same)

Joining Georgia

Tom rescues Jason

Tom and Julia fled the city and eventually while on the run Julia developed Hypothermia and Tom had to turn to the Georgia Federation and President Kelly Foster for help. Tom provided intelligence on Monroe and the Militia aiding in Georgian attacks. He was assigned to work with Miles on capturing a scientist who was weaponizing Anthrax for Monroe and get him to work for them. Tom informs his son that the only reason he is where he is was because of what Jason did and how his mother almost died was also his fault. Jason later tried to talk to him but knocked him and with Charlie's help freed the scientists. Tom fought against Militia soldiers who attacked and was the only one of his group to survive. (Home, The Love Boat)

Tom tries to get Jason to shoot him, saying that's what he tried to do on the boat; Jason does not and Tom tells him that they will be spending a lot of time together. When the base they are at is attacked by Militia drones, Neville goes with Miles and Nora to help locate Charlie and Jason who were missing after the attack. They find Jason injured and Tom takes him away from the Militia soldiers that arrive, Jason wants to know why his father is helping him and Tom replies that even though he is not a good man he will not allow his own son to die. When Militia find them, Tom shoots them all but gets a gunshot in the process. When back in Atlanta Tom spies Jason kissing Charlie. (The Longest Day)

The Tower

Neville takes command

Neville heads with a group to stop Monroe as he heads for the Tower and stopped their helicopter to refuel at an abandoned military base where they started to get killed off one by one. When clues point to Jason being the killer, Miles tries to catch him but both Tom and Charlie hold him back. When they arrive at the Tower they create a diversion to get inside but Tom and Jason are captured by the Militia soldiers. Tom mentions to the commanding officer that Monroe's state of mind may not let him lead the Republic anymore and soon after tells Jason that the only way they are going to survive is to stick together. (Clue, Children of Men)

Tom protects his family by killing

One of the Militia soldiers, Captain Riley, lets them go and gives Tom a gun, telling him that there are others who will rally behind him to be their new leader. When they gain control of the camp Tom sets the former commanding officer free and tells him to go get his wife and find a nice farm to live on and stay out of the way. When he is alone with the officer he shoots him dead and tells the others that he tried to attack him. When Monroe is captured Tom tells him that there difference between them is that Monroe scares while Neville inspires. They get inside the Tower and make their way to level 12 where Tom comes across Grace Beaumont. (Children of Men, The Dark Tower)


Morality and Wisdom

Tom fights
"You don't remember the days after the blackout. No food, no water. Nothing but panic and death everywhere you turned. Now, if your daddy could go through all that and hold on to that kind of mercy, then my hat is off to him. He was a better man than I."
— Tom Neville - The Plague Dogs

Neville is willing to go to great lengths to accomplish the mission that he has been set, willing to kill innocent people who get in his way or prevent him from finishing what he started. Despite his willingness to push normal morality he will not allow his family to come to harm even if they treat him badly and mistrust his judgement. (The Plague Dogs, Soul Train, The Longest Day, Nobody's Fault But Mine)

Abilities and Skills

Neville is a highly trained soldier skilled in hand-to-hand combat as well as handling and firing firearms. From his former career as an insurance adjuster he is very adapt at telling if people are being dishonest to him. (The Love Boat, The Dark Tower, The Plague Dogs, Pilot, Nobody's Fault But Mine)

Tom and Julia